Cotton Consulting

Cotton Consulting provides consumer insights and futures-based trend insights to help their clients reach consumers where they think and feel adobe connect meeting kostenlos. Store brand items often closely resemble brand name products, and in order to compete, companies have to create an emotional bond with consumers Download microsoft windows for free. Cotton Consulting paves the way for their clients to build a brand image that sets them apart from the competition. In collaboration with Pure West, Cotton Consulting was able to provide their clients with a clear, sophiticated presentation of their market research and findings wie kann ich ein app herunterladen.

We provided on going film production services for a myriad of projects over the course of three years download the video from a website. From 15 minute industrial videos to integrated media presentations, we created a more interactive experience for the client iaap authenticator. Cotton Consulting would conduct an EthnoProbe, PartnerProbe or SocialCircle where they interviewed an individual, a physician and patient, or a small group hue scenes download. Pure West filmed each of these services, collected (a ton of) footage, condensed it, organized it, and delivered a clear concise message in video form resteam game.

We traveled across the country with Cotton Consulting to conduct interviews with a diverse consumer population youtube video herunterladen auf ipad. Through this partnership we conducted interviews about various pharmaceutical products including Excedrin, Benefiber, Humira, and Voltaren. The films we provided affected internal brand decisions for the life cycle of each product hörbücher herunterladen. Our videos were distributed throughout the company and used for various purposes to illustrate consumer needs.

Client quote:”Their ability to listen, understand, and facilitate my needs was what made working with them so pleasurable.”-Stephan Cotton, Cotton Consulting LLC

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