VBS | Virtusphere

When VBS contacted us about launching a new online channel, we were more than happy to hop on board. Vice Magazine’s online channel is one of the most popular in existence, getting nearly 3 million visitors a month pr0gramm herunterladen.  Aired weekly on MTV and  led by creative director Spike Jonze, we were honored with the invitation to collaborate.  With free content that is being streamed 24 hours a day, VBS brings a wide variety of international and domestic news, popular and underground culture, and some of the best music out there herunterladen.

When VBS asked us to produce another video for Motherboard, we remembered a tour of the Wired Next Fest where we had seen something called the Virtusphere- the first virtual reality locomotion machine wordpress beiträge downloaden. We spoke to inventors Ray and Nurella Latypov, who show us their contraption that is lovingly described as a giant hamsterball (for humans of course) die sims 3 accessoires kostenlosen. Essentially a user slides in through the hatch, is locked into the sphere, dons 3-D goggles, and through sensors is able to move or look in any direction herunterladen.

We produced and filmed the production which went live on VBS in July 2009. Pure West met the inventors, saw the Virtusphere in action, and even got to try it ourselves wie kann ich gifs downloaden. This giant hamster ball is a small step in bridging the gap between virtual reality and the real world.

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