Return to Life After Spinal Injury

Projimo is a community based rehabilitation and education project run by and for disabled people in Northern Mexico wie kann man von youtube mp3 herunterladen. Its main objective is to work with disabled persons and their families to increase their abilities and opportunities amazon music for free. They also hope to change the perception of disabled people in the eyes of those who are not. They provide physical and occupational therapy, counsel families about how to assist (but not overprotect) their disabled child, teach self help skills, and make a wide variety of adaptive equipment download microsoft word online.

Collaborating with Projimo’s disabled workers Pure West made an instructional documentary that helps those with severe spinal cord injury learn how to cope zoom auf pc herunterladen. We  immersed ourselves into the lives of the disabled community and after gaining their trust we were able to interview them, capture their daily lives, and ultimately create an original piece that benefited disabled people everywhere battlefield.

We produced, filmed, and edited a picture that made use of strong and sometimes shocking imagery. Its main goal was to provide simple remedies for survival to disabled people without the means to get professional help. It was celebrated at film festivals around the world and won the 2005 Freddie Award, Superfest XXV Award of Achievement, and Helen Hayes Award phase 6 app herunterladen.

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