The Fold

Part sci-fi, part sex comedy, part art movie, The Fold interweaves stories involving a time-traveling geek with Aspergers Syndrome, a right-wing CEO determined to remake history, and a New Jersey hot tub salesman for whom things mysteriously start to go the right way amazing grace kostenlos.  Its an epic jaunt full of hilarity and WTF that got the attention of the online sci-fi community, even landing a rave review on Sci-Fi haven, io9.

The Fold’s team approached us about developing a site for their twisted little comedy Download app telegram. They wanted a place where they could not only add dynamic content, but also highlight each episode in the web series individually. While the site needed to be sexual in nature, it also had to contain some kind of science fiction apparatus kartenspiele gratis herunterladen.

Critically described as, “Revenge of the Nerds meets The Matrix, but a little bit raunchier…”, we decided to make the site sleazy while keeping sci-fi elements like a Coleco Vision controller as the main menu windows calculator. We built in various social media elements to allow for easy proliferation around the internet, and created an integrated player. The product is one that connects with its cult audience yet reaches out to a wider one all images from a web page.

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