Cool Victory

Cool Victory is a brand new start-up company founded by a group of six fuel-hungry visionaries. Cool Victory’s mission is to compete in the European Gran Tourismo racing circuit kinderh√∂rspiel gratis downloaden. In order to give people an inside look into the racing world, Pure West and Cool Victory teamed up to film a web-based TV series.

Pure West was deeply involved in building the strategy and marketing campaign around this project from early on gratis spiele herunterladen kann.  We became an integral part of the team, consistently consulting the company on its marketing messaging and tone, while following and documenting all of its members through their daily adventures adobe mac.

The videos we produced varied in style from short marketing pieces to a full-blown reality series. Stylistically the pieces were created for the adrenaline junkie in all of us, but focused on the behind-the-scenes story of the team’s daily operations gta 5en voor pc. Chock full of race cars, revving engines, and fast-paced drama, Pure West put viewers behind the wheel.

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