When you get a headache, where do you turn to? A lot of us pop some Excedrin, a leading medication to treat pain relief puzzles. Millions around the world have benefited from the relief Excedrin provides, but when they need a cure who do they call dropbox dateien herunterladen android?

Pure West, of course. Excedrin hired us to produce a market research video to revolutionize the way they communicated internally download e paper. In the past, executives either had to be present for focus groups or watch via video conference. Internally they wanted to explore this research over the course of many months, and the current setup made it nearly impossible fahrradroutenplaner kostenlosen. What Pure West offered was a film that could be used to provide those key insights in an easy-to-swallow format.

In collaboration with Cotton Consulting we conducted in-depth market research to key in on customer satisfaction, developing a plan to build a stronger image for the brand herunterladen für tablet. By conducting in-home interviews with customers, we created a trustworthy environment where we were able to obtain honest answers to sensitive questions herunterladen. In the editing process, we condensed our findings to show Excedrin a clear path towards enhancing their marketing and branding.

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