In times of  economic duress, help is in short supply spotify herunterladen klappt nicht. The National Economic Opportunity Fund (NEOF) is devoted to helping those who need it the most. NEOF focuses on accelerating economic development in targeted communities across the country, such as Memphis, Houston and Laredo Download silvestergrüße 2020 for free.

NEOF hired Pure West to create a corporate image video, delving into the company’s history, demonstrating its mission and communicating its ethos Download mr bean around the world.  We dove into the company, getting a better understanding of its existing corporate materials and finding a way to translate them into the visual, documentary medium architecture program for free. Most importantly, we wanted to get to know the visionaries behind this institution. Through in-person meetings and by reviewing their materials, we put together a proposal that envisioned a new National Economic Opportunity Fund in this format netflix serie downloaden windows 8.

Pure West  produced a 42-minute corporate image film for NEOF to entice prospective equity partners and non-profits to their cause.  Based around speaker Jim Mingey, NEOF’s CEO, the video has been distributed far and wide, resulting in a growing awareness of NEOF and its mission, and paving the way for many strategic partnerships onedrive video.

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