The online market is flooded with new products and services every day, making it nearly impossible for small fish to get noticed in the big pond Download claas dlc. Divvy came to Pure West with this problem and hired us to create a captivating animation that would raise visibility and demo their product.  We collaborated with them on a web animation that demonstrates their site’s function, its ease of use and its potential amazon.de herunterladen.

Divvy.com enables its users to create their own customizable web pages for scheduling communal spaces, services, or just about anything.  You begin the process by answering a few questions herunterladen. Divvy then creates a simple website for you where others may join and request those services. Whether you are scheduling communal tennis courts or event spaces Divvy, erases the paper trail herunterladen.

We implemented a Web 2.0 style using text and graphics in aesthetically pleasing ways to keep visitors from jumping ship before they gave the product a chance control program. The user is shown as a simple text “you” while everybody else is represented as “them”, and demonstrates how Divvy can bring “you” and “them” together herunterladen. The light-hearted and fast paced animation shows how easy it is for people to create their own website. With all the stress filled days and bills to pay, a friendly narrator and a helpful message make Divvy’s site an open invitation to join download handy for free music.


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