Barney’s New York

Labeled as ‘an emporium of style and gorgeous products’, Barney’s New York displays their quality with every thread and stitch. Their designs are comprised of a vast assortment of fashion artistry kostenlos beat programm downloaden. Exemplified in every inch of material, Barney’s continues to represent the freshest designer fashions while giving their customers the best bag of boutiquery for their buck herunterladen.

While Barney’s is a brand leader, their website lacked multimedia content and was in need of an update. They were looking for a way to convey the status, image and presence of what it means to wear Barney’s Download programs. In 2008 we worked with them to do just that, and the result is a set of stunning web videos.

We filmed Barney’s fashion shoots for the winter/fall catalog and used the footage to give a behind the scenes glimpse at a model’s frantic preparation for the catwalk herunterladen. The same elegance and flow that makes up Barney’s catalog are in turn represented in the web videos. The services we provided gave Barney’s the opportunity to deliver engaging content to their online audience noten kostenlos downloaden petrucci.

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