The Veterans Corporation

In the fall of 2008 Pure West was approached by The Veterans Corporation (TVC) to create an animated PSA or “impact film” that would convey their message in an engaging, yet professional manner herunterladen. TVC helps veterans gain access to capital and bonding as well as entrepreneurial education. They are a Federally-chartered organization that was created by the Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999, which recognized that America “has done too little to assist Veterans…in playing a greater role in the economy of the United States.”

Pure West expanded TVC’s message into an inviting digital experience, one that is fun but entirely practical blockman go herunterladen. Rather than presenting a sleep-inducing spread sheet, we condensed a copious amount of information into a peppy, coherent animation. We worked with TVC along the way in order to ensure the best final product, one that was true to the company’s character lol herunterladen deutsch. The constant flow of information represented kinetically keeps the content interesting for the entire 3 minute running time.

With the animation we created for The Veterans Corporation, clients can quickly comprehend the many ways TVC can help them, and get a sense of the company’s character from its visual style mac office kostenlos herunterladen.  The company’s success with the animation led them back to us.  We have currently been hired to develop a new website for TVC in order to better fit the needs of its users dhl shipping brand.


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