Change Corp

Change corp is an ambitious, innovative new company that is positioned to become a brand leader in the Veterans small business sector. This website crowd-sources subjective reviews of both public and private opportunity sources for small business owners origin op macbook. In partnership with the National Economic Opportunity Fund(NEOF), Pure West has developed a social network that allows for this community to share best practices download osterbilder for free.

The Veteran population in the United States is an often underrepresented group, and although  there are many resources available to them, information is often lacking or redundant windows 10 kann updates nicht herunterladen. We designed Change Corp to be an essential tool for any Veteran starting a small business, one that allows them to develop a support structure. Now with a community behind them, Veteran entrepreneurs are more likely to get a loan, devise a strategy and make their business a reality download roblox player.

In April 2009 we launched a beta version of ChangeCorp’s site to a select group of entrepreneurial Veterans and Veteran supporters. We were met with great enthusiasm from those early adopters, and have already begun to see the community support each other amazon flex appen. Our main goal moving forward is to continue to build a meaningful database to aid them in succeeding.

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