Shore Fire Media

Founded in 1990, Shore Fire Media is a standard-setting public relations and online marketing firm- one of the very best musik auf mp3 herunterladen. With clients like Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Norah Jones, Shore Fire chooses the best and brightest artists,those with the potential to leave an indelible footprint on the world games with gold xbox 360 on xbox one. They have represented a slew of award-winning authors and actors, as well as game-changing mavericks of technology and fashion. Shore Fire clients are forerunners in the worlds of music, film, books, technology, fashion and special events herunterladen.

Shore Fire needed to showcase their expertise to potential clients in the form of a business development package and high-level brochure download google email.  They came to us seeking a new look for their marketing materials, one that could appeal equally to firmly established business prospects and clients, as well as young musicians just breaking out tatort mediathek herunterladen.

We designed a sixteen-page booklet to condense and communicate Shore Fire’s message, while visually reflecting the type of dynamic energy that Shore Fire regularly brings to its PR Campaigns download adobe audition. ¬†This brochure is presently being distributed widely for marketing and lead-generation purposes in a new venture the company is pursuing.

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