VBS | Richard Garriott

When VBS contacted us about launching a new online channel, we were more than happy to hop on board Download free cd burner. Vice Magazine’s online channel is one of the most popular in existence, getting nearly 3 million visitors a month.  Aired weekly on MTV and  led by creative director Spike Jonze, we were honored with the invitation to collaborate herunterladen.  With free content that is being streamed 24 hours a day, VBS brings a wide variety of international and domestic news, popular and underground culture, and some of the best music out there sofatutor videos kostenlos downloaden.

VBS was launching a new channel on their website called Motherboard (sponsored by Dell). They were searching for filmmakers who had their ear to the ground in the tech world photoshop cs3. Naturally, we pitched them a project where we met one of our childhood heroes, Lord British. We got the green light, went down to Austin, met the man himself, and got an in-depth tour of his mansion weekplanner 2020.

Up,Up…and away! We produced, filmed, and edited the short documentary, which eventually launched the new Motherboard channel, sponsored by Dell Computers herunterladen. Pure West introduced VBS’s audience to Richard Garriott (a.k.a. Lord British). This is the man who not only created the Ultima Series and pioneered the world of online gaming, but also recently visited space bitdefender erneut herunterladen.

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