Acs Collective Agreement 2007

27.13 The employer is not interested in an independent invention or is entitled to an independent invention. These inventions and the resulting patents are the exclusive property of the inventor. However, a member and employer may enter into a marketing agreement for an independent invention. The employer and the member then enter into a formal agreement. The distribution of net revenues is consistent with the allocation under section 27.18 (a) or section 27.18 (c), depending on whether this is the case. A copy of Appendix 10A is sent to the association at the time of signing, but information infringing intellectual property protection is omitted. This MCC supply chain shows that a contractor with an older agreement may have a financial advantage in the event of a tender, but if he then hires companies that pay under a modern premium, there may not be enough money to pay the total cost of workers and for companies to make profits lower in the supply chain. 17.03 The description of the position available to the member at the time of recruitment must indicate the tasks and responsibilities that the member must perform. Any revision of this description is carried out by mutual agreement and is made available to the member in writing by the Dean.

33.07 Disability periods of four (4) months or less have no impact on a member`s participation in other benefits or on the eligibility of other section 41 benefits of this agreement. (b) The employer and the member then enter into an agreement, as defined in Appendix 10A, to provide for the conditions of possible protection and commercialization of the invention and, if necessary, to include the distribution of net revenues in accordance with article 27.18 (a) or article 27.18 C. A copy of signed Schedule 10A is forwarded to the association, but information infringing intellectual property protection is omitted. 2) The member selects one of the three previous options until the expiry of the 22 (22) days covered by Section 27.15 (a) or 27.16 (a). If, at the end of these twenty-two days, the member has not made a choice, he is considered the option provided for in Article 27.14 1) (a) and signs an agreement in the form of Appendix 10A. d) A sabbatical granted may be deferred by a common agreement of up to three (3) years. A Member`s request for such a postponement is not inconsistently rejected. 27.12 Within twenty-two days of the signing of the declaration of invention completed by the vice-president, research and postgraduate studies or delegate, the employer informs the affiliate in writing of a copy to the association whether or not it accepts the member`s statement. If there is a disagreement over the characterization of the invention, the case is referred to the PACO in accordance with Articles 27.03 to 27.08. Any request from the employer is null and void, unless it is received within the aforementioned time frame. The non-response of the member within 22 (22) days is considered to be the acceptance of the status of invention declared by the member.

The employer undertakes to maintain the constitution plans in effect as of May 31, 2007 (a) for which costs are borne in whole or in part by the employer, at the levels of coverage and benefits and under the terms of 31 May 2007, unless this may be amended for the duration of the agreement, pursuant to Article 41.03.