Crap Agreement

With the help of a debt resolution company, I entered into a confidential, error-free agreement that almost involves the repayment of most of the rent to the tenant. If the landlord does everything right, if the contract is prospective, then the court favors a bad tenant who accuses of harassment, no matter how false the claims are. The tenant took me to the city for wet questions – block the entrance, turn off the heating, call the police, etc. Finally, outages are an integral part of rental and trial procedures, which could cost 50K to combat harassment cases and in most people`s pockets. The parties agree to submit the dispute to binding arbitration proceedings in accordance with the American Arbitration Association`s (AAA) commercial arbitration rules. Unless otherwise stated, the arbitrator enforces the material laws of the Federal Judicial Circuit, which houses the headquarters of Who Gives A Crap USA, regardless of its conflict of laws rules. Within 10 calendar days of a party`s arbitration decision, the parties must jointly select an arbitrator with at least five years of experience in that capacity, with knowledge and experience of the subject matter of the dispute. If the parties do not agree on an arbitrator within 10 calendar days, a party may ask the AAA to appoint an arbitrator who must meet the same experience requirement. In the event of a dispute, the arbitrator decides on the applicability and interpretation of this arbitration agreement under the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA).

The parties also agree that the AAA rules apply to emergency protection measures rather than seeking an injunction from a court. The arbitrator`s decision is final and binding and no party has a right of objection, except those under SECTION 10 of the FAA. Each party bears its share of the arbitrator`s costs and the management of the arbitration; However, the arbitrator has the power to order a party to pay all or part of these costs in a reasoned decision. The parties agree that the arbitrator is only entitled to award legal fees to the extent that this is expressly authorized by law or contract. The arbitrator is not entitled to award punitive damages and each party waives any right to demand or recover punitive damages in the event of a dispute settled by the arbitration. The parties agree to play a mediation role only on an individual basis, and this agreement does not allow for class arbitration or a claim as a plaintiff or class member in a collective or representative arbitration. Unless required by law, neither a party nor the arbitrator can disclose the existence, content or results of an arbitration proceeding without the prior written consent of both parties, unless it is a right to protect or prosecute. If a provision or provision in this section is invalidated, illegal or unenforceable in one jurisdiction, that disability, illegality or inapplicability does not affect any other provision or provision in this section or renders that clause or provision invalidable or unenforceable in another jurisdiction. If, for whatever reason, a dispute arises before a court and not by arbitration, the parties waive any right to a jury trial.