Sister Airport Agreement

In the coming years, we want to develop the Narita airport network with a view to enhanced cooperation with partner airport regions. These include the development of the links between Narita and the partner airports and the demand for air passenger and cargo services. In addition, we will work with partner airports to create mutually beneficial business opportunities and sustainable growth at Narita Airport. Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has entered into a Sister Airport Agreement with Chongqing Airport Group of China in which the two airports will share their expertise in operational and commercial development and tourism market development. Munich Airport and Moscow`s Domodedovo Airport establish closer relations: At a special ceremony, the leaders of the two platforms, Dr. Dmitriy Kamenshchik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moscow`s Domodedovo Airport Group, and Dr. Michael Kerkloh, President and CEO of Munich Airport, signed a cooperation agreement. The aim of the partnership is to systematically transfer the knowledge of staff and managers on both sides. It will include activities such as exchange programs, which will give staff an overview of the work and day-to-day processes of the partner airport.

The “brother airport contract,” as it is called, also requires an intensive exchange of views on terminal planning, computing, real estate development, security and digitization. Mbomvu adds that the Airport Company South Africa continues to benefit from a similar agreement with Munich Airport, which was signed in 2015. “We have gained a lot from this structured cooperation that allows the parties to determine where and how they can benefit. Airport operations around the world are in the middle of the environment, not only to cope with the increase in passenger numbers, but also to the demand for extremely high digitization and automation of services. We believe that this agreement will benefit both parties if they try to stay one step ahead of market trends,” says Mbomvu. Brodie said LAC was grateful for the city`s support because the airport is more present in China. “We are pleased to work closely with the Lord Mayor and Brisbane City Council through Brisbane Marketing to build on the strong links they have developed in a number of sister cities across China,” he said.