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Shore Fire Media

Founded in 1990, Shore Fire Media is a standard-setting public relations and online marketing firm- one of the very best musik auf mp3 herunterladen. With clients like Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Norah Jones, Shore Fire chooses the best and brightest artists,those with the potential to leave an indelible footprint on the world games with gold xbox 360 on xbox one. They have represented a slew of award-winning authors and actors, as well as game-changing mavericks of technology and fashion. Shore Fire clients are forerunners in the worlds of music, film, books, technology, fashion and special events herunterladen.

Shore Fire needed to showcase their expertise to potential clients in the form of a business development package and high-level brochure download google email.  They came to us seeking a new look for their marketing materials, one that could appeal equally to firmly established business prospects and clients, as well as young musicians just breaking out tatort mediathek herunterladen.

We designed a sixteen-page booklet to condense and communicate Shore Fire’s message, while visually reflecting the type of dynamic energy that Shore Fire regularly brings to its PR Campaigns download adobe audition.  This brochure is presently being distributed widely for marketing and lead-generation purposes in a new venture the company is pursuing.


Itching for some pop in your culture? Get your pop culture fix with PopTen, a blog Pure West created and manages, which began as an online home for ten artists in New York City with which app can I download videos. PopTen subscribes to the idea that artists are keen on pop culture, and want a place to discuss it with each other.  It also showcases our obsession with top ten lists of all kinds activex herunterladen.

Since its humble origins last year, PopTen has grown into a blog that gets tens of thousands of visitors a month, and has been cited in the Chicago Tribune, USA Today and The Onion, among others who will download millionaire.  Journalists from the LA Times and Hollywood Reporter have guest blogged on our humble site, and the readership and authors continue to grow.

PopTen has become a haven of ideas and reviews for pop culture junkies audi a6 kartenupdate herunterladen. It’s your source for the the latest and greatest in current online anomalies, and guarantees a biased journey kostenlose bücher downloaden für tolino. Aside from some talented authoring and conceptualization, Pure West also developed the blog and designed it to be one of the most visually appealing sites out there google chrome neueste version kostenlos download.

Barney’s New York

Labeled as ‘an emporium of style and gorgeous products’, Barney’s New York displays their quality with every thread and stitch. Their designs are comprised of a vast assortment of fashion artistry kostenlos beat programm downloaden. Exemplified in every inch of material, Barney’s continues to represent the freshest designer fashions while giving their customers the best bag of boutiquery for their buck herunterladen.

While Barney’s is a brand leader, their website lacked multimedia content and was in need of an update. They were looking for a way to convey the status, image and presence of what it means to wear Barney’s Download programs. In 2008 we worked with them to do just that, and the result is a set of stunning web videos.

We filmed Barney’s fashion shoots for the winter/fall catalog and used the footage to give a behind the scenes glimpse at a model’s frantic preparation for the catwalk herunterladen. The same elegance and flow that makes up Barney’s catalog are in turn represented in the web videos. The services we provided gave Barney’s the opportunity to deliver engaging content to their online audience noten kostenlos downloaden petrucci.


When it comes to handbag fashion in NYC, Caylari was at the top of their game. With a midtown boutique store as their headquarters, they were recognized as a high-end handbag and accessories company audio lieder herunterladen. Designer Mei Leung had combined her experience as Trim Manager at Isaac Mizrahi with her Production Beading experience at Badgley Mischka to produce her Fall/Winter collection rstab. It was described as a “downtown look for the uptown girl”. Caylari accessories are a blend of Italian leather, high end trimmings, Indian hand embroidery, and vintage lining fabrics constructed for today’s on-the-go woman windows movie maker deutsch kostenlos downloaden. Caylari presented a line in 2003 and 2004 that called for an equally unique lookbook to accompany it. That’s where we came in.

How do you display excellent design in a way that not only enhances a reader’s experience but makes them want to purchase it lego ninjago spiele kostenlos download für pc? Most importantly, how does one also appeal to high-end retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, and Saks 5th Avenue?Stylistically we wanted to emulate their design and yet allow the brand to have its own allure download fortnite to nintendo 3ds.

To complete this task we organized a shoot at an upscale boutique hotel and selected models that best fit their target market. We were involved in the styling,  photography, print, and layout of the product netflix film herunterladen mac. What we created was a lookbook that showed these bags being used in the everyday life of cosmopolitan New Yorkers. It was modern, refined, and a huge success for the company herunterladen.

Crunk Energy Drink

Crunk!!! Energy Drink is extreme, it’s explosive, it’s crowd roaring energy. Every Crunk!!! band, every Crunk!!! artist, Crunk!!! DJ and Crunk!! ttt kostenlos herunterladen! athlete embodies that high energy, uninhibited lifestyle. Crunk!!! energy drink is a joint venture between the Sidney Importing Company and the famous rapper Lil’ John lieder aus youtube herunterladen. We were hired to be their online architects and bring their message to a world wide audience.

While Crunk!!! energy drink had an iconic rapper as their front man, they still needed to create a definitive online presence that would set them apart from other energy drinks in the burgeoning market amazon kindle buch auf pc herunterladen. In the real world Crunk!!! personified a certain active lifestyle, and wanted to show regular people embodying this mantra on their website. It needed to be engaging and energetic while highlighting their strengths download ps4 app.

We built Crunk!!! an energized site made primarily in Flash, and gave its fan base a digital space where they could share their experiences. Using innovative social media techniques, visually appealing design work, and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease we developed a functional website that served their needs windows 7 für xp kostenlosen. Today they continue to thrive in deli, grocery, and liquor stores.

Aristotle Circle

Aristotle Circle gives parents the opportunity to gain insight and inside information about the admissions process at prestigious private schools, helping guarantee their child’s acceptance ecosia kostenlos herunterladen. It is a godsend for parents, allowing anxious dads and moms to consult with experts on an assortment of topics ranging from child development to the perfect college choice chip gimp.

Pure West was hired to develop a website that would appeal to parents who needed help navigating these murky waters and making tough decisions herunterladen. However, more was needed and we came up with a proposal that outlined an image for their brand that would create a high-end niche in the marketplace harry potter schrift download kostenlos. Functionally we had to develop a way to network parents to experts.

We completed a site for Aristotle Circle that presents their services. They needed a combination of contact forms, dynamic content, and an easily manageable back end disney channel herunterladen. The site we completed is one that connects with the target customer, that offers its useres a simple and effective package.


Torch of the Future

Navegante is an up-and-coming latin band, growing with every show, influenced by the heavenly strings of Santana powerpoint gratis downloaden mac. Showing their faces in New York Mag, the band is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity as they continue to flourish. Their style and flavor sings for itself, setting them apart from the average modern band robot karol kostenlos herunterladen.

Partnering with this three man band, we provided them a cutting edge website that indulges fans with all of their favorite band’s updated information and events, and throws in some fun extras hörbücher herunterladen youtube. Navegante followers can come here first for the newest videos, merch, album info and band member blurbs. We were able to capture all that is Navegante, wrapped in a fitting design that represents their electro-latin funk style teamspeak 3 zum downloaden.